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GCREA held its initial meeting/luncheon at Southfork Restaurant

GCREA held its initial meeting for the 2013-2014 at Southfork Restaurant on Wednesday, September 11. 2013.
The retirees appeared to be excited and anxious to get back to their respective mission to assist deserving citizens in reaching desired goal(s). The meeting began with a greeting and welcome from the President, Mrs. Lloydleeta Wabbington and the Vice President, Abraham Kennard. Other items on the agenda included a legislative update and some anticipated legislative action for this upcoming session from Senator Bobby Singleton. Mrs. Kathy McVay an AEA representative shared some valuable information with retirees regarding special purchasing discounts that are available to the membership. Our district director, Mrs. Alma Wyatt Jones greeted the membership and assured the members that her service is always available when needed. The members pledged to make an all out effort to recruit additional members and to implement the statewide community service program, S.K.I.P. The members enjoyed a delicious meal at the restuarant. GCREA is off and running in recruitment and community service activities.

Abraham Kennard, Vice President

Mrs. Lloysleeta Wabbington, President

GCREA next meeting is November 13, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. at Greene Co. Board of Edu.

GCREA Members at Nursing Home

GCERA members at Nursing Home

GCREA November 14, 2012 Meeting Update

The GCREA held its monthly meeting on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at the Greene County Board of Education. This was an eventful and fruitful meeting. The meeting encompassed a variety of activities that included, enrolling new members, continuing our efforts to recruit new members, compiling our CANS for deserving families, Updating our efforts in project SOAR, and reviewing our revised Constitutional By-laws. A representative from The University of Alabama gave an overview on the program, Osher Lifelong Learning institute. We were given information regrading how to get a program initiated in our area. Health service representatives were on hand to give flu shots to interested members. Our meeting concluded with door prizes and other organized incentive activities.
Our next meeting will be a visit to Greene County Nursing Home on December 12, 2012 at 10:00 a.m.

Happy Thanksgiving to all,

Abraham Kennard, Vice President
Mrs. Loydleeta Wabbington, President

GCREA recognizes its veterans

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The Greene County Retired Educators’ Association kicked off its first meeting September 12, 2012. The retirees were excited and eager to get back to the business of assisting at school activities and many other prescribed community involvements. Some agenda items discussed at the meeting were as follows: The importance of voting in support of the September 18th Amendment and its impact on the state’s budget. An overview of the Disrict meeting was given to inform members of the need to recruit other members to keep large numbers in our fight to keep funding and medical coverage at an efficient level. The sub-committee for the constitutional revision was put in place for constitutional up-dates. Members were urged to focus on getting their hours for community service immediately to be ready when needed. Our association will be focusing on providing can goods for desrving families and helping schools in project SOAR. A consultant from WellCard Health Discount Card shared some valuable information with the retirees in regard to some possibly discount saving on durg prices, doctor visits, eye care and other areas.
GCREA is off with a bang and a new commitment this year.

Abraham Kennard, vice president
Mrs. Lloydleetta Wabbington, President

Greene County

Greene County retired educators attended the district 3 meeting at Northport Civic Center in large numbers on Wednesday,
August 8, 2012. The local president, Mrs. Wabbington, was very grateful to all members who were able to attend this meeting.
We salute the district 3 director, Mrs. Carol Abernathy for her hard work in planning for this event. The session was well organized and very informative for all retirees. Information was shared by AERA President, Mr. John Paul Jones on the critical need for positive votes in the September 18, 2012 voting to permit the state to borrow funds from the oil money and not money from the education trust fund. The report from the State Office was given by Ms. Janice Charlesworth regarding the decline in membership among the retirees. We are all getting ready to do some serious recruitting this year.
Hats off to Mrs. Alma W. Jones who is planning to retire from her current position. Greene County salutes Mrs.
Jones and we express our sincere thanks to you for your service to the children, teachers and all the citizens of Greene County. We are looking forward to a very fruitful year in performing our mission in making life more productive for our boys, girls and citizens in Greene County.
Abraham Kennard, Vice President
Mrs. Loydleetta Wabbington, President

Greene County Retired Educators

President L. Wabbington and Director Mrs. C. Abernathy